CCC maintains the campus network backbone connectivity and internet connections on 24x7 basis.  The Campus wide LAN reaching academic buildings, residences and hostel rooms through wired and wireless networks. The campus backbone services are provided with about 20 kms of 12 core OFC using 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps backbone to the different buildings and broad band to the residences. Departments, Residences (through the broadband), Directorate (and administrative net), Guest houses and Hostels are individually connected to the core switch. The hostel networks are integrated into the academic network of NITK sharing the Internet bandwidth of the Institute.




The first stage of the campus network was done in 1999 and the second stage of expansion was done in 2006 with the TEQIP funds. The Third Stage including Core Network Expansion and the Campus WiFi is completed in 2016 at a total cost of about Rs 6.78 crores. The expanded network including the Core Switches, Firewall, Backbone switches and the Campus Wi-Fi equipments are under maintenance. End of the Life switches are replaced within the wired network.

The Wi-Fi network is provided as an extension of the wired networks in the different buildings. The WiFi expansion Phase 1 was carried out with 744 Ruckus R500 Indoor access points, 40 Ruckus T300 Outdoor access points, 5 Ruckus H500 wall switches, 89 Netgear 24 port 10/100/1000Mbps PoE switch with 4 SFP ports and other active and passive network components.


Subsequent WiFi expansion (Phase 2) to the new CSE building and LHC-C were carried out with 97 Ruckus R510 Indoor Access Points, 4 Ruckus T300 Outdoor Access Points and 11 PoE switches.

NITK has 5Gbps Internet bandwidth - 1Gbps from National Knowledge Network and 4 Gbps from BSNL. Currently, this is being upgraded to 10Gbps. The WAN side upgrade for this purpose is completed with two new Interconnect switches and additional module for the firewall.


The NITK Data centre housed in the CCC Ground Floor acts as an integration hub of OFC/backbone. It houses Internet connections to BSNL & NKN, associated networking equipments and sufficient hardware to handle the critical backbone network services. Main servers are connected to the data centre network. Critical services are accessible from inside and outside the network. CCC Uses Virtualisation with Blade Servers with VMWare, Dell /Lenovo Servers with Proxmox virtualisation environment / Ubuntu System containerisation environment. Eight new servers are added to this facility.

NITK Websites hosting and availability and webserver maintenance are entrusted with CCC. Website updations are, however, handled separately.

The domains of NITK ( and are also controlled by CCC.

CCC has coordinated the upgrade of Matlab license based on Total Academic Head Count. National Institute of Technology Karnataka Surathkal now offers a campus-wide license to MATLAB, Simulink, and companion products. All faculty, researchers, and students are eligible to download and install these products on their university computers as well as their personally-owned computers. Kindly refer to for details and updates.


The ground Floor of CCC is reserved for the upcoming Data Centre with Smart Racks. The second floor houses the Skill Development Centre with VDI (thin clients) and a backend server established by the NITK Alumnii. A server upgrade is envisaged for this facility.

The first floor hall of CCC has Desktop computers for general purpose computing & browsing. The computers of CCC are used to support First year Computational Practice Labs, General Purpose Learning & Internet access, On-Line tests (Training & Placement) & various co-curricular and other student activities on demand.

The network infrastructure facility management of NITK is outsourced. Comprehensive onsite  AMC is available for the Network switches. There is a helpdesk number 0824 2473085. There is also a rate contract with the firm to facilitate any immediate need of network alterations within a limit. The process of placing the Campus backbone and WiFi (first phase) for annual maintenance is underway.




The facility has appropriate MESCOM Power and Diesel generator backup power. Two 20KVA, one 15 KVA online UPS systems and one 10 KVA UPS, provide backup power during the changeover. One 15 KVA and one 5 KVA UPS systems provide the power backup to the CCC LAN. The battery bank of 40 Nos was upgraded.

When the institute worked in the online mode since March 2020. CCC could successfully ensure that the network and the devices are working round the clock to support it and  an appropriate number of VPN logins and captive portal logins were provided as and when needed.


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